Actividades Escolares


Field Trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (10/04/2019)

Upon arriving, we strolled through the Cherry Blossom trail and entered the back of the Japanese Garden, admiring the flora and fauna that it had to offer: native species of trees from different countries in Asia, the pond with its Koi (Japanese goldfish) and turtles, as well as the shrubbery and grass lined around the water. After hanging out in the pagoda, we decided to check out the nearby Shakespeare Garden, then walk over to the Conservatory building, which houses a Bonsai tree collection (Bonsai Museum) and different rooms with different climates: the Aquatic House and Orchid Collection, the Tropical Pavilion, the Desert Pavilion and the Warm Temperature Pavilion. We then headed to the Cascade’s Garden, Trustees Garden, and finally, the Children’s Garden. At that moment, we decided to head home. The gardens there were a nice escape from the big city and offered many natural sights, sounds and scents not to be found just anywhere.