Actividades Escolares


Field Trip to NYC Fire Museum (08/02/2019)

Students and our Level 3 teacher David left NYEA around noon and made its way to the C line at Fulton St. Once arriving at Spring St. Station, we walked one and a half blocks westward toward the Fire Museum.
After taking some photos outside, we went in and enjoyed the many pieces of history the museum had to offer.

There were old fire relics, photos of famous firemen throughout the ages, as well as old vehicles/carriages that were used over a hundred years ago. Included in the exhibition was a fire dog that was preserved, famous for saving children and pets as well. In addition, there were many collected fire patches exhibited on the wall, not to mention trying on real fire gear including helmets and coats.

We explored two different levels of the museum and in the end, checked out the souvenir shopped before heading out.